Quotes added on Saturday, March 19 2005

its almost june
its time to move on
we'll be leaving soon
but promise me that our
friendship will survive
cuz we're the class of 2005!

Hush lil babey, don`t you cry
Everythings gunna be alright

awwh i love this song
Thiis where thay stay crunk thrOw iit up whiite tees niikes gangstas dOn`t knO hOw tO act.
ii went sky diiving ii went rOcky mOuntaiin climbiing
ii went 2.7 secOnds On a bull named fumanchu
and ii lOved deeper and ii spOke sweeter
and ii gave fOrgiiveness ii`d been denyiing
and he saiid sOmeday ii hOpe yOu get the chance
tO liive liike yOu were dyiing.
~*for my bestest friend in the world*~
*A*ccept me as i am
*B*elieve in me
*C*all me just to say "HI"
*D*on't give up on me
*E*nvisions the whole of me
*F*orgive mi mistakes
*G*ive unconditionally
*H*elp me
*I*nvite me over
*J*ust be with me
*K*eep me close at heart
*L*ike me for who i am
*M*ake a difference in muh life
*N*ever Judge
*O*ffer support
*P*ick me up when im down
*Q*uiet muh cries
*R*aise muh spirits
*S*ay nice things about me
*T*ell me the truth when i need to hear it
*U*nderstand me
*V*alue me
*W*alk beside me
*X*-plain thing i don't understand
*Y*ells when i won't listen and
*Z*ap me back to reality
when tha piimp`s iin tha criib ma drOp iit liike iitz hOtT
~*~*~* iN tImes lIke tHis mIi gRls gOt mIi bAk tOday, tOmorrow, scratch that
>(( ~ f O r e v e r ~ ))<
a real grl keeps her stuff in line *{h O l d s}* bak her ~t E a r s ~ nd (wHiSpHeRs) im --->f I n e<---
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