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I HATE it when you get [jealous] if other guys look at me..cause here's the thing...A .:'million':. guys can be -staring- at me but I'm *only* looking at ~*~you~*~

All me guys! Take it dont claim it!

usage notes:
Bold: HATE, and look
Underline: Jealous, staring
Italics: million, only and you
1st Date
U meet me @ the door with a dozen of roses
i start to cry and you wonder why
after the tears we go the candle light dinner
after that we go to the movies
in the middle of the movie you
take my hand and hold it tight and u never let go
then i turn to u and u turn to me
we stare at each other for a few seconds
then you lean in for our 1st kiss
when it happens i feel like firworks go off inside of me
and i hope that you feel the same
when our lips leave each other we just smile then turn to the movie
the movie is done then you put ur arm around me and i
cuddle into you
U walk me to my door then we share that one last kiss that will last the night
BUT when i fall asleep tonight i will DREAM of U
Don't you hate it when guys say it's not me it's you or I need time.
Let's make l o v e . . . < 3 3
All night l)o)n)g...
Until a^l^l the strength is gone..</3
So hold on t|i|g|h|t just let g*o*
I wanna f e e l you in my s*o*u*l...<3
Until the ~sun~ comes ^up^...
Lets make LOVE....<333333333

iF tHeRe WeRe No WoRdS, nO wAy To SpEak...
I wOuLd StIlL hEaR yOu..<33
If ThErE wErE nO tEaRs, No WaY tO fEeL iNsIdE i'D sTiLl FeEl fOr YoU.

AnD eVeN iF tHe SuN rEfUsEd To ShInE...
EvEn If RoMaNcE rAn OuT oF rHyMe...
YoU wOuLd StIlL hAvE mY hEaRt UnTiL tHeE eNd oF tYmE.
yOuRe AlL i NeEd mAh LoVe My VaLeNtInE...</3/3/3

ItS A sOng BuT who CARES...?
iTs F****n awesome!!!
(<3hATE iT Or LOvE<3)
*~tHe uNDeRDog's oNToP~*
~*aND i'M gON'sHiNE HOmiE uNtIL mY*~
(<3hEARt stops<3)
*~gO ahead, enVy me,i'M RAp's MVP~*
~*aND i AIn't goIN' nO wHeRe sO YOu caN*~
(<3gET tO KNow mE<3)
everytime i think about y0u i get chills up my spin..
my stomach starts to turn .. and butterflies buildup
call me crazy butt im pretty suree yu could call this
l[ l0ve x3]l

if yu like.. this i/m me and i can give you more love poems.. if yu like letmeloveyux3 is my s/n
ur like cambells soup mmm mmm good but i dont like soup that much
sweet lil hunni
i got da money
im sexy im hott
im everything your not
got ur man got ur friend
ur so mad u can hardly stand
so sweet so cool ur man,he loves to drool
he told me he loved me he told me he cared
not thinking about you he kissed me then stared
he loves me not u no wut ya gonna do


dediccated to brittany bennet im going out with he ex boyfriend
there are stars in the sky but there is one and only star i look at everynight and i think that star is shineing bright to tell me something that someone is out there for me as pretty as that star
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