Quotes added on Friday, March 25 2005

I have a beautiful something in my head that no one can erase, that no one other man can take, and i can never stop thinking of this beautiful something, and that something is you D~M~J (who evers name)
This is simply my away~~~~~~~~
I |smile| in my sleep because
all i do is think about you<3
I don't care what other people say
i love you for you and thats the
________[ T. R. U. T. H]________
Sometimes i wonder why i love this boy so much..then i think back to the days when i hardly knew you and say to myself..."Oh yeah now i know why!"

xo melissa-100% me
today i let you get away but why did i do that to something i loved
if you loved me then why didnt u juts say it?
A w A y
: s0mewHere eLse
: leaVe 0ne x3
: l0ve yah
`- - -> name hea
its over forget it
go on with your
life but all i can
think of is
* me `n mii gerlZ haVe biin thru iT all
Thru dah Summer dah Spring dah Winter dah Fall
*We h0ld each0tha d0wn there'Z n0thin t0 iT
KeEpiin iT reAl iz juS h0w Wii d0 iT
* Until wE'rE olD n hAiry bAld n bUriEd
Gerlz fer lyfe
It's that 0rdinary
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