Quotes added on Saturday, March 26 2005

if y0u always l0ved her the way i l0ve you g0 f0r it and d0nt brake her heart the way y0u broke mine....

why d0 y0u put me threw aLl this pain when all you sEd was bye...

if 0nly 0ne person in my life that i l.O.v.e.d was you why did i let you g0...

did you ever tell me that you loved me because i say it all the time....

if y0u sed that u l0ved me then why did it end like this..
if my life
was a farie tale
i would have you
0ut and ab0ut
g0t the cell
make it
(your number)
l0ve ya!
(your name) x3
.:* ii LuHvE yU *:.
[. BuH tHe qUeSztIoN iiSz .]
.:* d0 yU LuHvE mE to0? *:.
thatZ hotT *


giV iiT toO me baByy

put it in IMPACT 18 or 16
"* DaNcE LiiKe No 0nE wAtChIn *"
"* SiiNq LiiKe No 0nE LiiSzTeNiiN *"
"* LuHvE LiiKe Yu cAn*T qEt HuRt *"
"* n LiiVe LiiKe It*Sz HeAvEn 0n EaRtH *"
Love is like candy,
you want more and more...
Unless you have a sucker!
People who don't have feet don't wear socks, so why do you wear a bra??
LuHvE . . . <3
* yU nEvEr kNoW wHeN *
* yU mIqHt FaLl In iiT *
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