Quotes added on Sunday, March 27 2005

ShE used to to be someone i noticed,
someone i new and loved
but then it came that day that month,
when he took you away from everyone,
he changed u in to someone i dont
reconize, i cant understand why
you have to lie, i thought i was
your best friend, sisters for life
it all changed over a stupid guy
Your not the girl i used to no
all becuz of him , u let yourself
got 3 or 4 guys that want me bad
im a lil tease
dont mean they gettin me in bed
cuz it takes a real man
to ride on me cuz hunnie
im so much more then wat u see
Did u know that duckiez can fly?
/ \
/ \
( o o )
( O )

I'm away right now but mr.elfie will take your messages and i'll take your calls!

in otherwords l1 or call

.::.*~Your Name Here~*.::.

sorry if this get's messed!!!!

           [C] [A] [U] [T] [I] [O] [N]
            *                      *
                .·´¨(¸¸.·´  .·´ 
                .·´¨(¸¸.·´  .·´ 
                  You are now
               .·´¨(¸¸.·´  .·´ 
  .·´¨(¸¸.·´  .·´ .::.Your Name`s.::.. ·´¨(¸¸.·´  .·´ 


\/ \../
\/ LoVe HeArTs ThEy'Re AlL iN cOmMoN

sEe HeArTs ShOw LoVe AnD sOmE lOvE iS sO pUrE

dOnT lEt YoUr LoVe DiSaPpEaR
I put the oo in schOOl!
*-Love is you and me<3
Remembering that firs warm and balmy night, listening to the soundof the ocean beneath a dome of shining stars. it was love at first sight when you turned to look at me. Watching your eyes openand meeting mine. I knew instantly that you could steer the universe with your electric gaze. The breeze softly moved your hair to reveal a glowing aura and my heart instantly surrendered to the power of your presence and the promise of passion. As I moved closer, I noticed with joy that your cheeks glowed with a sudden anticipation. Like in a dream my hand moved to gently touch your face. I was magically drawn towards your desirable lips. Andas they met mine I just knew we were mean to be together always. It was the best night of my life, the night I fell in love with you <3

-->not taking credit..got it off a make up box lol
whEn yEw jussT f a ll
nd yEw cAn`t tAke tHe p a ii n
yew fEEl liike yew hAve eVeryoNe to blAme
yew s h a t t e rr iiNto p e ii c e sz that yew
c a n ` t piick u p
yew say itsz n0t y00r falt that yew answered
y u p*
yew j u ss t werent thiinkinq
0r wasz it a big mistakee
all yew heard wazs * st0p yewr starting to
s h a k e *
thenn yew heard screaming " for gawshh sake "
toO bAd yEw mAde tHat stUpiiD mistake
&too bad your friendsz cant tell yew coz they d ii d n t surviive
t h a t s what happenz when yew
drink & dr ii v e </3

1o0 pah-cent original <3
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