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some suceed because they are destined too...
most suceed because they are determined too...

(make all the words black with a white background but make "destined" and "determined" italicized and a different color)

               ( Y )  ( Y )
              (*. . )( . . )
               Happy Easter

looks rly kewl if you make one unnie blue and one pink>the one on the right is a gurl!

                  UsE -n- AbUsE!!
                          / \ 
                      *\0/   \0/* 
                        |     |   
                       / \   / \ 
                   *\0/   \0/   \0/* 
                     |     |     | 
                    / \   / \   / \
                     Go(you school)
                    We Are The Best!

It is suposed to be cheerleaders in a pyramid! im a cheerleader! lol go to sports and u will prolly see some of my quotes! 
. ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· .
... Single n Hatin it ...
. ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· ·· ··÷¦÷·· .
I walked outside and blew kisses to the sky. So one day you'll be out riding around or just walking outside and all of a sudden, seemingly out of the blue, you'll stop and think of me. 'Cause all those kisses finally made their way to you.
Tell him that I don't love him and that I don't need him anymore. Tell him that I don't miss him and that I don't want to see him at all. But DON'T tell him.. that I said all of this with tears in my eyes.
"Hello? ...Hello? ...Hellooo? I'm sorry, you're gonna have to speak up, I can't hear you... That's 'cuz I'm not home! Leave a message.
You might just think of me as SoMe GiRl, but I want you to know I'm that OnE gIrL, who took the look and fell HaRdeR for you, than I have EvEr fallen before...
You -can't- just *KiSs* me and expect it to not mean anything...
You -can't- just *WaLk* away from me with no regrets or :.SeCoNd ThOuGhTs.: ...
You -can't- just *TrEaT* me like I'm not even :.WoRtHy.: of your smile..
Yet you -Have,- You *did,* And you (are..)
When I'm around you I just can't seem to stop smiling.
You make me feel like I'm floating and I can't come down---
I get butterflies inside of me...
I look at you and i could just stare at you for days...
I never want that to go away...*
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