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sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me? this cant be tru bcuz just 2 little words hurt me more then being stoned and hit wit sticks fur my whole life
"Its Over"
3 guys in the bed and the bigger one said


A memo to guys:
If you can climb a flight of stairs you can perform other actions that your partner would love!!! LOL

Whats sexy? (Sexy)- is you pushin me up against the car in the rain, kissin me with no intentions of s.t.o.p.p.i.n
whats sexy? Sexy is you pushin me up against the car in the rain, kissin me with no intentions of s.t.o.p.p.i.n

Edit fontz...
looks good in any writin...just put sexy in bold and underlined
I love you more then Chad Pasley loves to get Mudd on the tire!
i l
i lo
i lov
i love
i love j
i love jo
i love joe
i love jo
i love j
i love
i lov
i lo 
i l
i   AlWaYs AnD 4EvEr  
Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who痴 the fairest one of all?
If you look in the mirror you will see
The beautifulest person is me
Not because I where make-up
I知 not that cheap, I知 not fake
Not because I have a lot of friends
I知 pretty lucky to have 2 at all
I am beautiful cause of who I am
But though I have this positive side
This is so much behind this smile that I hide
I am always laughed at and it makes me cry
I lost a lot of friends, none said good-bye
People think I知 weird, they say it to my face
But they don稚 understand, they think I知 such a waste
And though we serve the same God, and sit in the same pew
You call me the Outcast
Cause I don稚 look like you

::xoxo:: <33333333
I walk down that street
Walking alone, seeing people greet
I will continue to walk
Even though people are starting to talk
Saying stuff about me
Of what I am or what I could be
Telling lies I hears they whys?
I will continue to jog
Through all this fog
Lost all my friends
Beginning at all these ends
I will continue to run
My eyes blinded by the sun
The rain is falling
And no one is calling
I feel like I知 going to die
But all I do is sit and cry
And I will continue to stand
And wait for someone to hold my hand
This is a life, earning to be lived
Watching people walk on by
Some are older and some are young
Some are mean, while others are sweet
The girls wear the skirts
And the boys in jeans
The sun shines bright and the clouds are many
I sit here alone, though I walk with many
I think about my life and what I have become
Or what I could of became
And in a flash of a second the world becomes small
So do not fear death but the unlived life.

::xoxo:: <3333333333
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