Quotes added on Sunday, April 3 2005

all she wants is to look into
his beautiful brown eyes and know
everything is |[ o k a y ]|

italic the word okay
Tell my mind to stop thinking
Order my heart to stop beating
Most importantly make me quit breathing
and I might quit loving you
how do i know my love is true?
' cause in my head and my heart
t h e r e s o n l y y o u <3
"Love is a flower, you gotta give it time to bloom."- For anyone who thinks love isn't worth waiting for...I dedicate this one to you.
it seems we livin the `american Dream
but the people hiighest up^ got the
lowest self esteem. the prrettieesst
people Do the ugllliieest things forr the
road to riches nd diiamoondd riingsz
fRiends liKe CriSten & AshLey aRe haRder tOo fiNd thEn jeAns tHat fIt riTe...luCkiLy..i foUnd tHe peRfeCt fIt !

xO *NeSsa*
dOn't TaKe creDit (made it myself)
change the names to two of ure best friend's names
im at the worst place that is sometimes called hell..(school)...brb when im back

mine...dont take credit for it
IM me at Cherrygirl4u2011
`usher iz my boo' he makes me say YEAH!'when i'm so caught up`
he needs a bad girl' and we'll be loverz and friendz...
bY tHe TimE i gEt bAcK!!! so relax and go on www.usherworld.com <3

0o0 well i like it <3
iFf iT dUnN fIt yA
tHeN dUnN wErE iT !

yes it`sz an original <3 haha
r0sEs aRe rEd
vIoleTs aRe blu
yOur tRaSh iSz a dUmP
aNd sOo aRe yU «--

x0ox gabby <3
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