Quotes added on Wednesday, April 6 2005

let's play russian rulette as we kiss
there's the people ii would take
the bullets for always '
and then theirs the people i'd '
loveee to put bullets in ;
Be Back Later - - » oX*
grls r like fones.....they liked to be talked to all the time...
..* sHoUlD i SmIlE bEcAuSe We ArE fRiEnDs..Or ShOuLd I cRy BeCaUsE I KnOw ThAt Is AlL wE wIlL bE..*?
Life is what you make it [ make it good ]
Don't tell me how I'm feeling, you do not know anymore
Every time, you turn away from me close the door
I mean so little to anyone, if you think I want your love
Covering my wounds with that solitary glove

If I died tomorrow would anybody cry
I seem to doubt it in my mind, I feel an uneasy high
Thinking about my knife, lying by my bed
Where I can carve away my arms escaping my head

I can do it because I feel so alone and cold
I am young yet I feel so weary and so old
Weak and easy to give in to this temptation
Another fake smile another deep creation

For attention I don't do it, because attention I don't need
All I want is to be understood, not judged on the way I bleed
Let me go, I know you wont care as I slide away from life
If you love me, let me die so I can escape my strife

--not mine
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