Quotes added on Saturday, April 9 2005

BoYzz aRe GrEaT ..
aThLeTeS aRe
On ThE SiDeLiNeS

haha not a cheerleader but thought it was cutee saw it on my friends shirt
it happens in an instant
ill be sitting or standing or walking or talking ill be thinking about something, anything anything at all. but then, there youll be racing through my mind making my heart race. the very thought of you in an instant makes me glow.

not taking credit. i got that off one of my abercrombie shirts.
LiFe IsH SUmTymes KiCkEn!
LiFe SuMTymes Blows!
JusTt Be LuCkY YouR LiViNg It,
CaUse If You WerEnT HErE
WhEre WoulD Ya B?
WHO KnOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fall o
fall ou
fall out
fall out b
fall out bo
fall out boy
fall out bo
fall out b
fall out
fall ou
fall o 

  X3* fall out boy best band ever!!!!!!
if only.. ....
u were there wen i needed u
if only.. ....
u new how i felt about u
if only.. ....
u felt the same way about me that i feel about u
if only.. ....
u were here rite now
if only.. ....i wasnt going out wit him

its not that good but my gurl thought it was hott
iTs nOt wUt i fEeL fOr [ yOu ]
iTs wUt i dOnT fEeL fOr Ne1 bUt [ yOu ]
SoMeOnE aSkEd Me WhAt I SaW in YoU
aNd mY OnLy AnSwEr WaS
e v e r y t h i n g
*I dont want to be your whole life..
just your favorite part...*
I dont wanna be the [1st] one on ur list, because that means theres a [2nd] & a [3rd]..I wanna be the only one, and if i'm not that only 1 i dont ever wanna be one
I dont need to be the only girl-
in your life i juss wanna be the
Only one that truly.. xO Matters
a girl trying to find herself the perfect guy is like trying to find atlantis....

... its perfectly impossible

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