Quotes added on Monday, April 11 2005

I love you . . . you don't love me . . .
That’s the truth . . .
And it decays my soul
Although you cant see
You penetrate my youth

My heart is flaccid
I poured it out for you
Did you even get a glimpse of it?
Even though its mostly gone and there is no use
I'm going to pour whats left, just to try and rid my invisibility

My vacillating body carries on each day
Are those butterflies in my stomach, or just imps?
I dont care . . . I still have some faith . . .

I feel as if I'm sitting in a corner
Waiting for the answer
And at the same time I know it wont come . . .
Theres someone else
And I despise her
You're my world
And your in her hands
Under one circumstance . . . love . . . no demands . . .

Your smile lingers within the walls of my shattered mind . . .
I'll always remember it . . . you . . . until the end of time . . .
ShE's CuTtInG hEr WrIsT sHe ThInKs It HeLpS bUt It'S dRiViNg HiM aWaY aNd ShE iS hUrTiNg HeRsElF. fRiEnDs TrY tO hElP bUt It DoEs No GoOd NeW sLiTs EvErYdAy OlD oNeS gRoW....aS hEr FrIeNdS fAdE aWaY sHe KeEpS hUrTiNg HeRsElF...MoRe AnD mOrE eAcH dAy He FiNaLlY SaYs I lUv YoU bUt ItS moRe Of A gOoDbYe!!!!!!
i wished upon a star but my wish did not come true b/c when i wished upon that star all i wished for was you!!!
..& everytime a boy breaks your heart, you'll move on and find a new one..
..there's always that false hope that this one will be different..
..maybe this boy won't be like the rest..
..but in the end, he lets you down, just like the others, leading you to think..
..a l l b o y s w i l l b r e a k y o u r h e a r t [</3]..
You wore those words on
your lips; As if they
meant anything anyway..

Matchbook Romance-My Eyes Burn
She says live up to your first impression
Well my best side was your worst invention,
Can't you live without the attention?

TBS - One eighty By Summer
This is me with the words on the tip of my tongue
And my eye through the scope down the barrel of a gun.
Remind me not to ever act this way again.

TBS - Timberwolves at New Jersey
Your making my knees shake
Please baby dont unleash that snake
I cant control myself when im with you
Your sexy body got me callin u my boo
So stay far away bout 5 feet
Or my reputation is bout to be beat on the street ;)
.·:*:Friiendship secretly means..
* Loving you in a friendly way.:*:.
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