Quotes added on Monday, April 11 2005

i gave you my heart so freely...<3
the hardest thing is gonna be getting it back...<3
[[EvErY dAyY]] bEgInS a nEw sToRy oF mYy lIfE aNd ~yOu'Re~ mAKiNg iT a ||HaPpIlY||EvEr||AfTeR||
My boy. . .
was talking to his friends. . .
and then his friends said. . .
Brandon why arent you sitting w/ your gurl.??..??
and he was like i love her but theres no room
her volin is in the way. .
i guess he wasd a man and moved my volin. . .
aNd SaT wItH mEe!!!!
Love you brandon. . .
I saw my whole life as if I had already lived it. An endless parade of parties and cotillions, yachts and polo matches. Always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter. I felt like I was standing at a great precipice, with no one to pull me back, no one who cared... or even noticed - titanic
The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that's what you've given me. That's what I'd hoped to give you forever." - the notebook
I hate you & u hate me
That's the way itll always be.....
U broke my heart...

Now I think i'll break sumthing of urs
itsS likee a mAqIcall fAiryy tAlee*
hEs tOokenn mE aWayy iinTo
oUrr own lIttlee wOrldd _' <3

it'S likee hE's mYsteriOuss aBout
eVeryythinqq <3..'_

erica inc.. dont take the credit pleaseee!!
tyty!! <33 ** xO
itt's okayy too bee sadd
it'S okAy tO miss hEr
bEcuZ sheS [HuRt] yOur
hEaRt <33

bEsT FriEndss wAs whAt wee
pRomIsEdd to bee </3
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