Quotes added on Wednesday, April 13 2005

Im so in love
I feel like a dove
Flying in the sky
way up high
you'll never now how i feel
knowing i cant deal
with you not being here
come close, saty near
dont leave my side
its only time we can bide
If YoU tWo WeRe MeNt To bE
tHeN wHy Is He WiTh ME
gIrL,iF yOu WeRe In My ShOeS
yEaH, yOu WoUlDn't KnO wHaT tO dO
"there's nowhere you can be
that isn't where you're meant to be. . "

~John Lennon
boi when i didn*t see your face beside me when i woke up.....i didn*t know what to do with out yOo...i*d cry**i*d sigh*i just didn*t know what to do eith out you**i loved you sOo much**like it was real beacause it was real love**the thing is you never i love you back
and y0u r3ally think im g0nna st0p l0ving y0u?
my angry mistakes cause me
pain as blood trickles down
my vein..
so kill me now and let
all this bleed away </3

^ me and my friend made that up
sounds pretty emo right? yeap.

Baby I thought of U the otha Day...
But then I thOUght... Why?
If u Love Me Let ME KnO If U Dont SCREW U...
as she watched while her love slowly disapeared she wondered why she had let him go in the first place...maybe it was because she was loosing her mind from the way he drove her crazy or maybe it was just because it wans't ment to be....whatever it was she knew she would always love him.

100% me!!
Don't take credit!!
Ment For AH <3...luv and miss you
looks hot in AvantGarde bk bt
...In pink or baby blue...
put lvoe in italics...adn always love him in bold
you never kno how much somone means to you.. until there finally gone...

R>I>P amy.. i kno that your life was hard n all... but member all those times that we chilled lol...on the trampoline and everything.. jeeze babe..i really miss you

never take any one for advantage bc you never kno, they might fly awat b4 you get the chance to let them know how much you love them <3 amy
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