Quotes added on Saturday, April 16 2005

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge =)

Well if you wanted honesty,
that's all you had to say...
I never wanted to let you down,
or have you go...
"It's better off this way"..

What will it take to show you that,
it's not the life it seems?
I told you time and time againe,
you sing the words,
and still don't know what they mean..
My hopes are so high that your kiss my kill me,
so won't you kill me? So I die happy...

My heart is yours to break or burry,
or wear as jewelery,
whichever you perfer..

-Dashboard Confessional
Comming out of myu cage,
and Iv'e been doing just fine.
Gotta gotta be down,
because I want it all,
Started out with a kiss..
HOw did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss...
It was only a kiss...

Mr. Brightside
pretty in these
hot in those
wen ii walk by
keep your mouth closed

aim- xsk8tergrlxx<~~~im it
dO you love me
or is the just a rumer??
Teenage Girls *

* boyfriends are a big priority!
* friends are more important then family
* takes hours to get ready even to go to the stupidest place, because you think you'll see somebody you know
* you sneak out to meet a friend of a guy
* you become irritated over little things (PMS)
* whine about guys to everyone
* you are embarassed to go to the mall with your parents
Girl Comebacks

Guy * Hey baby what;s your sign?
Girl* do not enter

Guy* I would go to the other end of the world for you
Girl* yeah but will you stay there?

Guy* is this seat empty?
Girl* yea and so will this one if you sit there

Guy* if i saw you naked i would die happy
Girl* if i saw you naked i would die laughing

Guy* i would do anything for you
Girl* ok lets start with you account number

Guy* shal we go to your place or mine?
Girl* how about you go to your place and I'll go to mine

Guy* hey what do you do for a living?
Girl* i am a female impersonater
all thats left of me
is what i pretend to be
sewn together but still
broken up inside <33

LoVe is so post to be grand. .
but why are you following her. . .
but then you say you loved mee
then everything changes. . .
you say "i'll love you forever"!
but then why did you break up with mee?
-*(your name here)*-
HeYYY why are you mad at me?
i didnt do anything. . .
then all you do is start
yelling at mee
why you gotta ask so rude?
i was just trying to help you out
why do you gotta act like that?
huh huh huh?>
why matti why matti
-*sad and depressed *-
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