Quotes added on Monday, April 18 2005

.....grab yOur coat.
and take yOur hat.
Lets say goodbye.....
and leave all our worries on the doorstep.
you know when ur a dedicated lacrosse player when you got goggle tan lines on ur face <3.
just when you least expect it you start
to think about how he made you laugh
how you felt when your around him
and then you realize that after all this
time -- you cared about him more than
you thought you did
*LiivE lYfE tOo tHa fUlLeSt BkUs yU nEvEr nOo wUh iSz qUnNa hApPeN nExT *
life is like a rollercoaster. sometimes your scared and other times you are having the best time of ur life. other times you get tricked and sometimes you feel like screaming but in the end you kno it was worth it

i'm on a mission to find something
its in my room somewhere...
some people call it the carpet
and some people call it the floor
be back when i find it!
if u were homework i'd be doing u on the kitchen table right now
don't u hate it when people ask u if ur there when ur away messege is on? its like wtf do u think u dumb a$$?!?!?!?! god someone should shoot them people n right now i'm out there to do that!
the difference between you and i is that you can be heartbroken, and you can just move on. and i am just... broken.

from desperate housewives
after a while you learn that kisses don't always mean something, promises can be broken just as quickly as they were made, and sometimes goodbyes really are forever
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