Quotes added on Wednesday, April 20 2005

when you say jump, i say how high?
when you say run, i say how fast?
when you say stand, i say how tall?
i l o v e y o u <3
I'm getting a little tired -
Of your broken promises

lines up in tahoma size8
Your eyes *
cant tell lies.

lines up in tahoma size8
look me in the eyes and tell me you love me...
to everygirl that has ever gotten their heart broken.
by their first love by their first lover. if they can't see what they are missin out on then you don't need them. You are all beautiful mind body and soul no matter what anyone tell you cause its not true be true to urself and be true to you friends and in the end someone will want you and there is someone out there who will love you for you and who is ment to be with you forever. Cause even when you think that there isn't anyone in your greatest time of need for you ur wrong cuase there is someone for everybody. Remember that.
`- -» I never w a n t e d anything, other than to be ((your)) everything xO
Boy: Why were you in the bathroom for soo long? You don't have make up on so you couldn't have been doing your make-up? Oh yeah and why is your face so red?

Girl: Let's just say that thing couldn't come out.

Corny I know.... it meant she was crapping... I was bored
At school. A new boy is supposed to be coming. If he is hott at least I'll have something to look at while they teach me nothing!
Schools out
U will shout
Making fun
Making it all day lnog
Evertime we look back
Realizing school is coming back

I'm so confused
Why do I think about you all the time?
I thought I knew all the answers
But now I have questions running through my mind
I don't even know if I can trust you
How do I know if its real?
Back when I thought I knew everything,
I'd only tell you how I'd feel
Now I'm searching for a reason
A reason as to why
Every night when I lay down to sleep
I feel like I'ma cry
My friends keep on suggesting
reasons for my strife
they guess it is apparant that
I need you in my life
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