Quotes added on Thursday, April 21 2005

tears form behind my eyes;;
But i [[do not ]] cry
watching the days pass me by
i'm n o t h i n q without my eyeliner . .
wilted and faded
somewhere in hollywood
stilettos, pumps in
the club *
Roses are red
Violets are blue
most of all ...
i LoVe YoU

* i got bored my screen name is Kelsey 7075
So ShE jUsS SiTsS ThERE;:
b Y h E r P h O n E [x3]
ShE HoPEsS aNd WiShES WiTh
AlL hEr HEaRt tHaT hE WiLl
CaLl-a n d t e l l h e r
WhAt ShE nEedS To [|h E a R|]
YoU WeReE mY F i R S T K i S S |<3|
YoU GAvE mE tHaT f E e L i N G
Of UnDeNyIAbLe ReGrEt '* i StIlL
CaNt BeLiEvE YoU WaLkEd AwAyYy...
WhAT Do YoU Do WhEn YoU
SeE HiM AnD StILl fEeL'*
| H i S k I s S |
On YoUrR LiPs <3
lonely nights..lonely nights <3
you dont even leave MYy DrEAMS.
i cry cause my tears [<3] is the
only piece of reaLity i can clench
i GuEsS i ReMemBeR* eVeRY
GlaNcE YoU sHOt aT mE {<3}
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