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* Without you i'd die *

the night was dreary as the rain came down. she said lets go for a ride away from town. all through the ride she had nothing to say, it was almost as if something stood in the way. then suddenly it came from out of the blue, "my parents want me to break up with you." "i'm sorry to say" she said, "i can't pretend. my parents say our love must end." she took off her ring as tears came from his eyes. at the same time the fear of loosing her began to rise. he wrote something on a piece of paper, he had held in his hand and said, "ready it later." he'd always wished they'd never b apart, he said in his sad voice, "you broke my heart." she opened the door and walked in the rain that's when she saw the lights from the train. realizing too late what she had sighted, with a blink of an eye metal collided. all she could remeber was blood running red and someone saying, "i'm sorry he's dead." the ambulance sounded line an agony cry. then she read the paper and is said . . . "without you i'd die"
Get away from me i'm allergic to animals!

-In Living Color
i carved your name into a bullet
so you would be the last thiNg
going through my head </3 *
That's what I love about Sunday:
Sing along as the choir sways;
Every verse of Amazin' Grace,
An' then we shake the Preacher's hand.
Go home, into your blue jeans;
Have some chicken an' some baked beans.
Pick a back yard football team,
Nothin' much of anything:
That's what I love about Sunday .. *

Craig Morgan - That's What I Love About Sunday
Dear Mom & Dad,
Please send money; I'm so broke that it ain't funny. Well, I don't need much just enough to get me through. Please don't worry 'cuz I'm alright. See, I'm playing here at the bar tonite. Well, this time I'm gunna make our dreams come true.. Well, I love you more then anything in the world,
Your Baby Girl .. *

Sugarland - Baby Girl Lyrics
"That's hott!!!"
Paris Hilton
*but you know...the -arrow- still hurts when you get shot by_____cupid x3
*Girls send this to your boyfriends and see what they say

Would you:

wear my hairtie around your wrist?
wear my rubber bracelet on your wrist?
wear something I made you?
wear one of my hats? ( even if it was pink)
try one of my hoodies on?
try a pair of my underwear on?
what about PJ bottoms?
let me paint your nails?
have a pillow fight in the middle of the night?
let me wax/tweeze your eyebrows?
let me pick at your leg/arm pit hair?
allow me to put make up on your face?
get me towels once im in the shower? ( I'd ask nicely)
let me borrow one of your hoodies if I forgot mine?
let me borrow a pair of shorts or a T-shirt of yours for gym class?
allow me to drive your car?
take stuff to my locker or let me put stuff in your locker?
let me wear one of your necklaces?
let me wear one of your hats?
share your food with me?
let me sleep on your bed/couch while you slept on the floor?
pull the chair out for me when we sit down to eat?
carry my picture in your wallet?
put my picture in your locker?
show me off to all of your friends?
carry me when im too tired to walk?
let me use your chapstick if I forgot my lip gloss?
hold me when im scared?
wipe my tears away when I cry?
walk holding my hand?
stand in a line for hours with me so I wouldn't be lonely?
stand up for me?
let me sit on your lap?
let me use your lap as a pillow?
rub my head till I fall asleep?
dance with me in the rain?
go to a concert with me even if you didn't like the band?
pull the car closer so I dont have to walk through the rain?
go for a walk with me in the snow?
kiss me on the tip of the nose?
We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are
pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names, and all are
different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.
(`*·.¸(`*· .¸ ¸.·*´)¸.·*´) 
«´¨`·.*~ LuCkY ~*.·´¨`» 
(¸.·'´(¸.·'´`'·.¸)`' ·.¸) 
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