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ge3k, punk, pr3p
l3mm3 s33 your 1,2 st3p
party hard rock n roll
we r the class no1 can control
girls are cute
boys are fly
we got something you cant deny
were not the class of 2007
but damn the class of
one last gasp of air as you fell to the
floor a needle in your arm the smell of
marajuana and the presents of extisy and
acid all in the room you feel to the floor
in your best friends house she walks in
turns the corner to her kitchen floor sees
you all cold and blue she breaks down n
crys you havin your whole life flashin in
front of your eyes she holds your head trys
to wake you up from your unsanity and
dream she runs to her room pulls out a
razor blade and trys to feel what you
felt police rush to her house because her
mom new she was there they take one look
at you and say sorry but she wont make
it she cries every night just of the
though she didnt no what she did blaming
herself for not doing anything to help but little does she know her best friend had a million reasons for doin what she did
If only....

If you could just see the way you make me feel when you kiss me...

If you could just see the way I smile when you hug me...

If you could just see the way you make me feel when I'm around you...

You'd be amazed at how much I love you...

If you just knew that you were the only thing on my mind all the time

you'd know that you were the person I love...
Porciline Doll

I am a porciline doll on my nanny's shelf
Fragile with the purpose of decoration
If someone should bump into me or anger me
I will fall off and shatter
My broken peices will be discovered by the person who has broken me
They will be hurt by me
I wont be able to feel regret
But my broken smile will show how i fell about their pain.
Her heart will have no hole in it unless you put one in it,
If you ever shall,
She will pitty you,
For you have hurt the most presious thing of someones body,
Everyone around you will weep for her,
They will be so ashamed of you,
For you were the one she truely loved,and charished,
But still she will always love you.
i am in love with you [ «3 ] you set me free - i
can`t do this thing - life - without you here with
me .. cAuse im dangerously in love with you *
i`ll never leave just keep lovin` me the way i
love you loving me <|3
summer winter - spring and fall i`ll be around
to cAtcH yOur calls cAuse you`re my bAby *
your my bAby aNd i aDore yOu . you alwAys
brighten up my dAy i never ever let you wait
cause you`re my bAby you`re my bAby anD
your amAzing - s0o amazing
it`s the way i miss you even before you leave- when
i know i can listen to you talk all night and never
[ get tired ] of hearing your voice it`s the way *
everytime someone says your name i smile :). & it`s
the way everytime i close my eyes i just think of
how much i love you [«3]
Why when i fall for someone,
They arn't there to catch me.
Xo~my back aches~Ox
xO~my bras to tight~oX
Xo~hips shake~Ox
xO~from left to right~oX
Xo~to da left to da right~Ox
xO~to da left to da right~oX
Xo~bridge wall waterfall~Ox
xO~grl u think u got it all~oX
Xo~u dont i do~Ox
xO~so boom with dat attitude~oX
Xo~peace punch captain crunch~Ox
xO~i got something u cant touch~oX
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