Quotes added on Sunday, May 1 2005

If u don't have the heart to fill her in
Then just step aside and let me lay it on the line
Cause you're mine
And tonight, u dont revolve around her
Don't wanna be like every other girl
in the world like every other one who wants u
cause when i see u, osmething inside me burns
and then i relize, i wanna come first
I used to be a girl who could let a guy breathe
don't wanna be like every girl whos tryed to get u
i wanna be the one whos never sorry she met u
i wanna come first <333
M M M M   E         G    
M  M  M   EEEEE     G      GGG  
M     M   E         G       G

M     M   E         G       G
M  M  M   EEEEE     G      GGG    
M M M M   E         G

he has no idea
how much it
h u r t s
me to see h.i.m
with her
ii think im
f a l l i n g
with my best
f r i e n d
YoU kNoW u DoNt HaVe To RuN fAsTeR tHaN tHe BeAr JuSt ThE sLoWeSt GuY rUnNiNg FrOm ThE bEaR
Which Hurts more
thinkg you should
h a t e him or
knowing that you
d o n t
the hardest things
to say are the words
that mean the
m o s t
Two tear drops were floating down the river.
One teardrop said to the other,
"I'm the teardrop of a girl who loved a man and lost him.
Who are you?"..."I'm the teardrop of the man who regrets letting a girl go..."
he`s my first
m i s t a k e

put mistake in bold. looks cute in tahoma.
ii dont miss
h i m
ii miss who ii
t h o u g h t
he was
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