Quotes added on Thursday, May 5 2005

it hurts so bad'
to be alone `nd
kno that he isnt
be crazzii
be stupiid
be wiild
be siily
`cause lyfes too
short to be cool
What did the lady at the beach say to Michael Jackson?

Get out of my son!
How does Michael Jackson pick his nose?

Out of a catalog
Why does Michael Jackson like twenty-six year olds?

Because there are twenty of them!
dont try to put me even
more down then you
already __[<3]__ have

fairytalez` arent real
and dreamz will probably
\\ s // \\ H // \\ a // T \\ T // e \\ r//
what happens when you find your
p r i n c e * c h a r m i n g
but he`s not your |[ cinderella ]| ?'
sometimes.. i almost start to cry
when i stare at the. "i love her."
iin your profile </3
ii`m guessiing you don`t know
how much ii love youu. <33
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