Quotes added on Thursday, May 5 2005

i know your love is real like your personality
im so happy that you like me
but there's something in the way that's hard to break
i wish i could hold on but i can't take

your smell is sweet like an apple
your heart is waiting like a person
i have waited so long for a person like you
but now i am over with you

i met someone else that i can't forget
and made a path that i can't break
im sorry your hurting but it's your fault
for you didn't make the right decision

im sorry i can't be your heart
cuz im waiting to be someone else's part
i've waited for you so long
i've liked you since forever
you knew but you didn't come through
and picked someone not for you

you say you're happy but i know you're not
i see your face and can see under those blue eyes
so can other ppl see and they tell me
im sorry that your relationship sucks

i am here for you whenever you need
for i've acted as i am your heart and can be
someone said i should move one cuz nothing's gonna happen
and now i have and found someone else

i hope you can be happy as i've seen you before
cuz now i am gone but will always be in your heart forever
I saw you today, you were holding her hand. But boy i got over it...[Just like I got over you]
Love is blind, and it will take
over your mind What you think is
love, is truly not
You need to elevate and find

-Love is Blind
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