Quotes added on Friday, May 6 2005

and the teacher said picture your happy place........ i pictured my laying in YOUR arms
YoU sTaRt BaCkStABbii`Ng Me
nDD gOii`Ng AgAii`NsT yOuRr
WoRd.. Thii`Nkii`Ng "OhH ShE
WiLl NeVeR FiNd OuT" WeLl
GuEsS WhAt.. i i D i D xO
0ne day y0ur g0nna l00k
back `nd think.. </3
damn that giirl rly did
love me_____________xXx
Flapjacks on a ferris wheel!
-- Dukes Of Hazzard
Someday somebody's going to ask you a question that you should say yes to.

-Old 97's

In a perfect world there would be no need for mirrors, because every girl will have a guy to tell them how beautiful they really are!
"It's the zen chicken."

Never replace what you
want most with what
you want at the moment
A gOoD fRiEnD WiLl bAiL YoU oUt Of jAiL..
bUt A bEsT fRiEnD WiLl bE tHe 1 SiTtN BeSiDe YoU sAyN tHaT wAs F***iNg AwEsOmE!!!!
Why is it that people always tell you to "fall in love", then you do and they dont know how to help you "climb out." </3
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