Quotes added on Sunday, May 8 2005

i find it amazing how three '
little words can lead to such
heaven or heart break ' </3
|F | I | E | L | D | H | O | C | K | E | Y |
^ My Anti Drug!

You Should Underline It All!
| H | O | T | T |-| G | U | Y | S | <-- My Anti Drug
iit`s all 0f y0ur imperfections ..
that make y0u s0o0 t0tally perfect
ii`m always thinkiin ab0ut y0u
whether ii`m laughiin 0r cryin
y0u make me feel s0o g0od..but
at the same time.. y0u make me
feel liike n0thing .. because
ur s0o niice t0 me .. but then
ii kn0w.. y0u d0n`t liike me..
my 0nly wiish.. iis t0 win a
special place iin y0ur heart
but ii kn0 what ur thinkin..
k E e P . d R e A m I n G ..
y0u d0n`t want me t0 be y0ur girl..
y0u d0n`t feel the same .. and that
i can understand.. but iit seems t0
me liike y0u d0n`t even want t0 kn0
me .. s0 ii w0nder .. am i n0t g0od
e n 0 g h f 0 r y 0 u ?
y0u knew that i liked y0u
but did y0u kn0 ii l0ve u
y0u g0tta liisten when ii
talk t0 y0u, and read the
w0rds ii wriite t0 y0u ..
because, they`ll tell y0u
everything .. and ii mean
.e v e r y t h i n g.
maybe ii sh0uld let y0u g0..
ii kn0w that`s what y0u want
but maybe .. ii just can`t..
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