Quotes added on Sunday, May 8 2005

cup your mouth to compress the sound,
skinny-dipping with the kids from a
nearby town, everything that i said
was true as the flashes blinded us in
the photobooth. i lost track and
then those words were said, you took
the wheel and you steered us into my
bed.soon we woke and i walked you home
& it was pretty clear that it was hardly love
in this diary ©
here in this diary , i write you
visions of my summer . it was the
best i ever had , there were
choruses and sing-alongs and that
upspoken feeling of knowing that
now is all that matters . all
the nights we stayed up talking,
listening to 80's songs , and
quoting lines from all those
movies that we love it still
brings a smile to my face <3 <3
i want someone to kiss away my tears
.. and wrap his arms around me when my
day is all wrong someone to aCtually love me
i don't care... what my teachers say..
i'm gonna be a supermodel
sometimes i wanna be your lover
sometimes i wanna be your friend
sometimes i wanna love you;hold
hands&slow dance while the_xO
'----»[ r e c o r d x s p i n s ]
there's nothing scarier then
xo__getting what you want
.....because thats when you
have something to lose - <3
- - - - - - - - - - -` T h e O C `
& so i will sit alone and wait.
& i still waiting for you.
& i can't help daydreaming of you.
+ d e d i c a t e d +
*never give up on somebody
you can't go a [ day ] without
[ t h i n k i n g <3 a b o u t ] **
++ beiing arOund youu makes me feel like for once
in my life , ii dOn`t hafta try tO be happy...it just happens.
and i wake up
put on my makeup, pick up the phone
nobody's home.. i need to breakout *
get me some take out, stand inside a
crowd... i wanna scream aloud that_
------------>i'll be okay, i'll be okay.
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