Quotes added on Tuesday, May 10 2005

It TaKeS 42 mUsClEs To FrOwn But OnLy 4 To RaIsE My MidDlE fInGeR AnD sAy F*U
Ppl dont belive
wuti say
what i see
the plainly dont belive me
mabey i should just lisenu
and just hope u guys dont think i lie too
ipromise everything that i say it true
except maybe one or two(jk)
I promise with allmy heart
i scared all my friendships will b torn apart
but from now on i promise never to lie to u
and belive most of the things u say
and im almost to that part...
imma plz belive me
we r always gonna b best friends
plz don't leave me
Cami had all the friends in the world
she was a happy litle girl
back @ her old home town
but when she moved all her smiles turned into a big fat frown
she lost her friends one by one
sudenlly the world did not seem fun
she thoguth she had friends @ her new town
but the truth really broght her down
all her friends satreted leavin
she was just dreaming
no one liked that litle girl no even her bestest friends in the world(ex)
all her happyness started leaving
she wished she was not breathing
but she knew she had to carry on
cuase after school her life will b fun
cuase all huge geeks become STARS
and have very expensive cars
i will have lots of fame and glory
and finally their will be a happy ending to this very sad story
never forget i am cami and my life will b grate and so will yours i already have a demo tape
Summer sun
lots of fun
Great tans
Retro Plans
Red marks from belly flops
Super HOTT Pink flip flops
Spring is all done
now its time for summer fun
summer 2005 i will remba always
even when its 2006 and were back in the halways
Tell Nemo you could not find him because you were to busy getting High., he'll understand
It’s kind of funny how life is. You have something great, and you think that you have been blessed from an angel above, and then heaven comes falling to pieces. The sky shatters and lightning strikes the same place twice. But then again, sometimes, you think you have the worst luck. You break mirrors and walk under ladders, and Satan wants you to be his best friend. From the darkness, a ray of light shines through and you know that everything will be alright. There will be times when you think you’ve gotten over the worst thing ever, just to realize that you just admire it ten times more. And other times when you are so frustrated because nothing is turning out right, and the next day brings perfections in ways you never imagined. You think you choose your own path, but life has already planned your destiny.
Beautiful Me

I saw a girl just like me, swimming in the wild blue sea. She was beautiful and wild. While I am just boring, plain, and mild. She had gently flowing hair and big, beautiful eyes. She looked happy and gentle, beautiful and wise. I looked at her then at me so plain. Then all of a sudden it started to rain. She began to fade losing her great complexion. And I saw she was none other than my reflection.
This is billy and his dad Joe haveing a conversation.....
Billy says "Daddy is god black Or white" Joe says "Both son" Billy says " Daddy is god man or woman" Joe says "both son" Billy says " Daddy is god Micheal Jackson?"
[sometimes] -- all a girl needs
is a boy to hold her hand. <33
The only reason why I keep goin back
to him... is only because he lets me </3
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