Quotes added on Friday, May 13 2005

All i can taste is this moment, And all i can breathe is your life.
And sooner or later its over, i just dont wanna miss you tonight.
your history will repeat itself - [(execpt)] - i wont be apart of it.
So : there's this boy : and..well...
.. he always knows how too make me smile
& afterall I just want Y O U to know
I Wouldn't trade you for the wOrld
&& so i guess now- we are the people
that we promised they would never be.
A hUg is a Hug // it DoEsnT mEan nEthiN unlEss hE meaNs suMthiN tO yOu
my e y e s tell secrets, my x3 will never say
boy : why don't you like me?
girl : I do like you .. It's just ...
boy : just .. What?
girl : I'm so afraid to fall again.
boy : this is different..
girl : how is this any different?!?
boy : because this time .... I'll catch you
im trying to keep to together
but im f a l l i n g apart
its not bout who u knew the longest..
..its bout who nvr left ur side
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