Quotes added on Tuesday, May 17 2005

{[('`&* all it took was one look into his smile..and i knew every lie he ever___ told}])(<|3]
({/The minute yu0 said"'go0dby3'" i looked at my planner..and ripped out all the pages,__*&began to0 crii'
..I Can Stare Into His P i C t U r E for hours...and not see anything..but your smile...only thinking about how much i love you and how_ihts beyond those l_o_o_k_s...
..I Can cut *his* p I c T u R e out*& glue iHt nexT to0 mine..^*thinking how I could get iHt to0 say
I Love YoU ....*w i s h i n g* it was him really saying that </3
~*~I can have my heart..*TORN* out and shreaded into milli*0*ns of p e i c e s ... knowing that letting him go was more P*a*I*n*F*u*L thEn this t o u t u r e would ever b3~*~
I Love You ..nd ull neva kno iht cuz ill neva have your love so....i bleed..i bleed..until i cant anymore..i take one last breathe and with that last breath i rember your my perfect s u c i d e..&* then i breathe no more..
Ox I LOve yOu_*
mOre ThAn aNythinG iin ThA
wwwwww wwwwww rr llll ddddd
wwwwww wwwwww oooo rrrrrrr llll dddddd
wwwwww ww wwwwww oo oo rrrrrrrr llllllll dd dd <3
wwwwwwwwwwwwww oo oo rrr llllllll dd dd <3
wwwww wwwww oooo rrr llllllll dddddd
if you'd just give me a chance,
i ((know)) that you'd be happy here with me,
and all i want is to see you [ .h.a.p.p.y. ]
all i want it for him
. . . to want me back
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