Quotes added on Saturday, May 21 2005

sometimes i get emotional.sometimes i
do stupid things-»sometimes i say what
i should just keep inside * sometimes
im sad about everything .sometimes im'
mad and break some thingss <//3
sometimes i feel like crying --» laying`
down & dying.thats when i need u x3
how could this happen to me? i've made my mistakes'
got no where to run as the night goes on ..as i am --»
fading away * i am sick of this life /// i just wanna'.
s . c . r . e . a . m -- how could this happpen to ME??!
have you seen my heart?
When i caught your eye i almost died
When i saw you were with her i cryed
Your always there when i go to stare
I just cant help not loving your hair
I wish i didnt have to day dream about u,
but rather live it.
~ill just be w a i t i n g~<3
i`LL be just FiNe
<b>pretenDiNg</b> i`M n0t . i`M faR
fr0m LoneLy and thatS aLL
<s>tHat i goT</s>

-The Used

make the 'i`LL be just FiNe' Impact size 18,
all the rest - arial size 8
if they dont show up, make 'pretenDiNg' bold
'tHat i goT' strikeout
>>s0metiimesz ii wiish ii c0uld
fast f0rward thr0ugh tiime-->>
just to0 [ see '*] if iit iisz alL
w0rth iit iin the end <<
0ne m0re kiss c0uld be the best thing
but 0ne m0re `lie c0uld be the w0rst &
all these th0ughts are never `resting
- - & y0u`re n0t s0mething i deserve
you can flip me, break me, rearrange me..
but it will take _____way m o r e* than
that [x] to actually C h A N G E M E
In my condition I don't want to be alone
Cause my heart starts beating triple time
With thoughts of loving you on my mind
I can't figure out just what to do
When the cause and cure is you\*`
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