Quotes added on Monday, May 23 2005

I was never swept off my feet by anyone else quite like that---and I never hit the ground harder than when you dropped me...
I saw IT coming
I talked myself out of believing IT
Then you said IT
and i just broke down
I live for the memories
Of you and I together</3
You said it should be a 50/50 decision about us getting together,
But why was it that when you said it was over,
I didn't even get a say?
and you have my l o n g e s t
now some people think I'm a l o s e r
`cause I seldom get things right
but .. you make me feel like a winner
when you wrap me in ur arms so tight
please` tell me you will remember
no matter how much I do [| wrong |]
that I had the best intentions all along..x3
I -->>never<<-- thought
<3`love could end this
way...NEVER untill this very day
we all wish that we could go back in time to when things were perfect, when tears didnt fall at night when you didnt hate the person you love the most and when you didnt ever want things to change, but what we need to realize is that things never were perfect
dOn`t. try to fit in
when you were born
to [ s t a n d o u t ]
~i nEvEr sToPpeD LuViN u... i jUs StOpPeD LetTiN iT sHoW
y0u waLk By AnD My HeArT bEaTs
*1o0o* tImEs It sEeMs
AnD EvEry tImE y0u l0ok aT mE
i hAvE t0 tElL mYsElF t0 [[BrEaThEe]]
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