Quotes added on Saturday, May 28 2005

Don`t tell me "the sky`s the limit"
When there are footprints on the moon*
*_Friends are to Us~As the stars are to the Sky_*
a shoulder to cry on
someone thats there
a shoulder to cry on
someone who cares
>-<*>When you say BeSt FrIeNdS,
it means friends forever, right?<*>-<
i adore you...

more than you`ll ever knOw*
I want my life to start with

"Once upon a time.."

And end with

"And they lived happily ever after.."
True Story:

We were the cutest couple, then my bestfriend came and we started hanging out more and more..My boy started liking her instead of me..So things got crazy..he started calling her instead of me .. He hung up on me.. He hugged her ... I think they even kissed .. I broke up with him .. And damn did he regret that .. But now I have someone way better ..

So if something's wrong with your relationship.. and you know it.. just end it...because you know that you deserve better*
i feel bad bout the perfect boys ive crushed...but i feel perfect bout the bad boys ive crushed
Only Fall For Someone..
Who Would Catch You..
Who Would Fall For You Too..
Who Will Always Be There..
When You Call Them And You Tease Eachother, No One Gets Mad..
When He Can HangOut With You And Your Friends..
Who Will Love You E n d l e s s ly*
We laughin`
We cryin`
Its *T o G e T h E r*
Through the rain and the stormiest weather*
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