Quotes added on Sunday, May 29 2005

Teacher: How do you spell school?
Student: P-R-I-S-O-N.
If you can't get someone out of your head, maybe they're supposed to be there.
Always remember there are other fish in the sea......
But seriously who the hell wants to date a fish???
I secretely love you, if only you knew,
When I think about you my heart stops, and you're always in my thoughts,
My love for you is unconditional, my thoughts for you aren't
I try to talk to you, I really do! If only you knew, how much I love you!
you should thank God
for every single day you live
because one day
something terribly horrible
will happen to the person you love
and although in the end he'll be alright
you'll still cry and think about
what if that was you
and even though you love him
you don't even know how lucky
you actually are
Diamond's may be a girl's best friend..
.. but you're mine.
i want a guy .<3.
who calls me beautiful
instead of hot.<3.
Girls r Like Toys
They get Played by Boys
But Beware of me and my girls
Bc well play u like Yo-Yo toys
and u b sayin Baby i wont play u like dat no More!

Kim, Kota, Lauren, and Jessie-Love you guys
s0 i l0ve this b0y
he`s my w0rld ..
but he d0esn`t care
he`s 0ff with s0me girl

she`s pr0bably prettier than me..
she`s pr0bably nicer and smarter t0o
but n0 matter h0w great she is..
she`ll never l0ve him like i d0

it`s n0t fair ..
h0w can she just sh0w up 0ne day
i kn0w i never had him..
but it`s like she t0ok him away

d0esn`t he get it?
all i wanna d0 ..
is hear him say t0 me..
' i l0ve y0u '
-s0 this b0y is walkin` h0me
-i`m starting t0 get excited
-i see him c0ming cl0ser ..
-he just passed me..
-he l0oks back ab0ut three times
-he s0rta smiles.. like it`s okay
-i`m thinkin` that i can maybe talk t0 him
-i say that i`ll definetly d0 it
-but then all that is shattered at that m0ment
-when he is t0ld t0 talk t0 me
-then l0oks at me..
-and walks away ..
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