Quotes added on Thursday, June 2 2005

|||-life is like a track race...
you sprint first.. hoping for the lead.. and the best..
buh as time goes on you wear out.. and at the end you put your extra measure of strength to finish it..-|||
<3 Love <3 ( luv) n.
giving yourself to another person..-->
trustin and believing in them..
and even though they may hurt you-->
you still hold on.. because love never fails..
Distance never separates two hearts that really care.
for memoriies span the miiles and in seconds we are there..+
we hear the voice,, we see the smile,, and deep i.n.s.i.d.e. we know..
that friends remain the part of us wherever we may go..
for distance never separates two hearts that really care...
i miss the way you use to act like you wanted me...
i aint y0 babyboi
-- you got served... favorite line out of the whole movie
my friends keep telling me... your only a boy
you are my everything.. my world... my life
even though i dont want it to be.. its over... but promise me one thing.. you wont call her the names you called me or take her to the places you took me
and im melting in your eyes
i know it was my fault.. i shouldnt have walked out the door with that other guy.. but how could i help it when i see you walk around with other girls.
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