Quotes added on Wednesday, June 8 2005

It's .b.r.o.k.e.n. and only you can fix it
So won't you come and fix this bleeding heart?
I've got no use for this handful of pieces
..They say your body [ can't function ] without water..
..Same with my heart*, I can't function without you..
bE whO yOuu ArE*
*sAy WhAt YoUu FeEl
*&& thOsE whO MIND dont MATTER
How long is forever? How long will you love me? How long can friends be freinds until the end? How long is forever then? Forever is so long... Forever is for ever long! For so long as there's honey, For as long as the sun is sunny, So long as days are hummmmy, Friends can be true friends for forever and for ever. REAL LOVE IS EVER STRONG FRIENDSHIP IS FOREVER LONG!!~Winnie the Pooh!!
bEsT fRiiEnDs SeE tHe -hUrT- iiN yOuR eYeS
wHeN EvErYoNe ElSe iF fOoLeD bY yOuR sMiLe*
bAbii* we BELONG [[ t O g E t H e R ]]
--AlWaYs *n* fOrEvEr--
&& yOu kNoW wHaT tHe SADDEST pArT iS.. ?
i dOnT eVeN tRy tO stOp mY tEaRs frOm faLLiNg, bEcAuSe
i KnO tHeY''rE gOiNg tO fAlL nO mAtTeR wHaT*
he knows ii care// thats why he doesnt.
people always ask me `what do you
see in hiim? i would answer.. but if i
tell them the ||truth||.. .i kno they'd .fall
in [ . l . o . v . e . ] with him too
I'm the bangin lil cutie
wit da sexii blue eyez
leavin da hottest playaz
- h y p n o t i z e d -
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