Quotes added on Thursday, June 9 2005

i wIsH*
jUsT wIsH*
tHaT sOmEoNe sAiD*
tHaT lOvE wAs E

think yar gotta line it up
~* FrienDs aRe f0eVeR *~
*b0ys aRe whaTeVer*
~* FrienDs aRe f0eVeR *~
*b0ys aRe whaTeVer*
p r e t t y s m i l e s && make up
hide [ sO much ] these daysz `
s o t O g e t h e r
but so [ broken up ]
inside` «-
take a bow *` hear the applause ?? my heart
is broken && you`re the cause. i played your
"game", && it looks like you`ve won.
CONGRADULAtiONS.. ` i hope you had [ fun ]
dreamin up the image of a perfect guy will never happen! no matter how much you dream and think it can come true it WONT. dream of the guy that isnt perfect but will u make feel like u truely are to him
we were friiends
but u went alOng wiith the trend
u diidnt want me
pOpular iis all u wanted tO be
nOw ii knO Our friiendshiip is nOt tru
and iim nOt sad because ii gOt what ii wanted:
tO nO lOnger be friiends wiith
y o u
iif iim nOt ur tRu friiend..say sO..sO ii dOnt gO On thiinkiin that ii mean somthiin when ii d O n t
best friiends wiill always talk tO yoO..nO matter whO iis arOund them
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