Quotes added on Sunday, June 12 2005

even the best falls down sometimes>/3
Hey..im attneding prison woops! i ment school rite now so leave me some lovely messages!
when you left i lost a part of me so come back baby because we belong togehter</3

I'm loVing angels insted<3

everybodys going to a party and goona have a good time

here i am once again torn into pieces

no no no dont phunk with my heart
Love is unpredictable..... you never know when it is going to come in your life and you never know when it goes out of your life
And its hard to say how i feel today
A year has gone by.. and i cried </3
`04 - `05 probably the worst and
the best year e v e r * x0ox - '
Love is when you can't wait sleep on the weekend bc you're so excited about Monday.

Is it enough to risk our friendship for something more?
Nothing is impossible. It says it right in the word, "I'm possible"
Never apologize for saying what you feel...
Thats just like apologizing for being real...
Hey baby whatcha doin' this evening?
Can you meet me down at the railroad tracks?
I got Tom Petty playin' in my Silverado,
And I iced down a six-pack.

uhhh huh

Hey Daisy don't you worry 'bout your mama,
Like 007 we can keep it covert.
Undercover on the ground by the water
Gonna get a little peace... on earth

Take a trail ride if you know what I mean.
Hey baby won't you come with me?
Baby whatcha say we go pickin' wildflowers?
Got a spot way back in the woods.
Sneak away for a couple of hours,
You and me baby, pickin' wildflowers.

Keith Anderson* "Pickin' Wildflowers"
º:- Take my hand and wipe my tears.
-:º Take away all my fears.
º:- Show me that you'll never leave.
-:º Tell me what you plan to be.
º:- Share with me all your fears, hopes and dreamz
-:º Let me know that your a great as you seem.
º:- Please assure me you'll never break my heart.
-:º Never let our friendship fall apart.
º:- Because you are my hope, my love, my life.
-:º We will get each other through the night.
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