Quotes added on Monday, June 13 2005

im sitting here staring at a black rose
then drip a red drop of rich blood comes from the center of petals
i cry i love this sore sight
it kind of shows heart break and many other sorts
with just a black rose with a long thorny stem
then another drop of blood drips from my rose again.
i think its in pain then i remember roses dont bleed.
i sit there and wait for the next drop to fall
this rose makes me think about everything
i think about my past loves my present and about who i might love in the future
this rose brings back memories
the good and the bad
this rose is a memory of someone i once had
a memory that gives me some good and some bad
i wish there were more good to cover up the bad
but i think about the times we had
and i think of the times we went out as a couple.
never alone there was always someone else there
i remember those times we used to share.
the only time we had alone was the first night i had met u
i remember that night lyk it was just happening tonight
ill never forget my first love and ill sure never regret
He knows my name
its like a game
dealing with life
going through is
but getting through it
may be rough
but being there in the end
and knowing you've made it
with a heart of gold
and a field full of memorys.
lived 15 yrs and will 15 more
all these momories ill
forever adore
its amazing who you meet
who you greet and who you keep
maybe one day ill meet someone perfect
ive seen a few
but not spoken too
its too perfect to be true
some are spoken to
like you
your perfect
i know it you are its everything
ive known to come so close to perfect
this far ahead it might not be yet
i dont know if its true all i know is its you
i cant know if your real
but everything i feel
it has to be real
its too exadurated too emotional
for this feeling not to be real
i want you thats all i do
but i know it cant be real
figures of imagination cant date their creaters.
its not possible
all i want is you to be real
your my dream
your my hope the reason
im still looking for someone from above
youve got that glow i just know
your not true
but i have to try and believe in you
because if i dont then ill know that
love isnt true.
GiRls have Makeup to fill them with GLEE, but boys needed a toy so God made ME!
everyday i wake up, and think of you
all of these things we could do
but its always the same. getting bored
with you all the things you do
cant live my life behind the line
always waiting and trying to find
a reason to forgive you for all the things you do
you look in my eyes say you love me
that ull never do it again, but wut u have done
has left too many scars and this relationship
is about to end!
making my way downtown walking fast, faces past and im homebound. staring blankly ahead just making my way through the crowd. and i need you. and i miss you. and now i wonder. if i could fall, into the sky. do you think time, will pass us by? cause you know id walk a thousand miles if i could just, see, you... tonight. -haha thats the big black guy you all know what im talknig about:-D:-D
My life is like a rose
Growing tall and strong
Half of your life you realize
life only lasts so long
and when it gets to the end
how much you were wrong
to ever let him go
and now ull never know
look at him with her
then look back at me
ask this question to urself
will i ever be happy?
Mother looking at me
Tell me what do you see?
Yes, I've lost my mind

Daddy looking at me
Will I ever be free?
Have I crossed the line?
/s/h/o/t/g/u/n/ my anti-u
~!{AcT lIkE # !}!~
!~{ThImK LiKe #1}~!
~!{AnD u WiLl Be #1}!~
[!~* got made mud god made dirt god made boys so girls can flirt*!~]
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