Quotes added on Tuesday, June 14 2005

just get on with your life
if it was meant to happen
it will happen `*;;
Everyone says we'd be great together. But then...how come we're not together yet?
Roses r red
violets r blue
Jazz and I r both black
but Carlton,what r u?
--Will--Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
love that show!
here i sit
broken hearted
came to poop but only farted
then 1 day i took a chance
went to fart and crapped my pants
If I were to die now..
My love would still haunt you..
If I had a chance I'd ask the world to dance
and I'm Dancing with myself*----*
*------Billy Idol
I don't care if monday's blue
tuesday's grey and wednesday too
thursday I don't care about you
it's friday I'm in love
uhh had to enter something with all of paris Hiltons hOtt quotes

__ * nOw tHAtz hOtt *__

tHinGz cHANGe ::

yOUr bESt fRiENd bECOmEz a

b I t c H

yOUr bOYfRiENd bECOmEz a

p R I C K

hOMEwOrK gOEz iN tHE

t R a S H

cEll pHONEz aRE bEiNG uSEd iN

c L A S S

dEtENtiONz __ bECOmE

s U S P E N t I O N z

sODa bECOmEz



p O t

biKEz bECOmE

c A r z

lOllipOPz bECOmE

c I G E r E t t E z

liP – glOSS bECOmEz

mAKE – uP


s E X

alWAYz aCt liKE yOU`rE wEARiNG a inViSABlE tiARa __ *

eVErY GiRl iS bEAUtiFUl
iF tHEy hAVE tHE aBilitY
tO bEliVE iN tHEMsElVEz

tHE ONlY rUlE iz dON`t bE bORiNG…
… dREss cUtE wHErEVeR yOU gO
liFEz tOO sHORt tOO blENd iN …

.x0 a miNK iN hEr clOSEt 0x.
.x0 a jAGUAr iN hER gArAGE 0x.
. x0 a tiGER iN bEdd 0x.
_ && a jACKaSS wHO pAYz fOR eVERytHinG_

Ox. the best accessory
a girl can have is her
b e s t f r i e n d s .xO

pEOPlE tHiNK iM sTUPiD …
bUt iM sMArtEr tHEn mOSt
p E o P l e x0
i could give my heart to you
i could give my last breath for you
i could f e with you
a v
l o
l l

but you just don't care </3
late at night when all the world is sleeping
i stay up and think of you
and i wish on a star, that somewhere you are
thinking of me too </3
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