Quotes added on Thursday, June 16 2005

Wouldn't it be a lovely headline?
"Life is Beautiful"
On the New York Times*
and you coming back to me is against all odds.

mariah carey >< against all odds
what happens when no matter what you do, you will be hurt?
hes leaving no matter what, do you stay with him now,
or let him go?
lov3e will *.:.make.:.* or *.:.break.:.* yooh ...
dUnT wAsTe yUr tYmE TrYiN tO FiNd tHA "perfect guy" ...iF HeS TrUeLy *perfect* ..hE'Ll cOmE tOo yEw.
...tha gurl who s3emed "unbreakable" ;;BrOk3`'
i tear my heart open.
i sew myself shut.
my weakness is that
i care too much.
and the scars remind us
that the past is real.
i tear my heart open just to feel.
..and as she wiped tha tears from hur eyes she whispered tew hurself ..."i miSs him"
no guy iz wurth cryin over nd wen u find tha wun who iz he wont make u cryy..
its funnie how wen sumwun breakz yur heart you continue to lov3e then with awl of tha \\broken// pieces`
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