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dunt make a boy yur priority wen to him ur just an option
i didnt m3ean it wen i sed i didnt love u .so.
i shuld have held on tight i never shuld have let u .go.
theres no worse f3eling then getting wut u want b3e cuz then u have sumthyng 2 loose
i didnt tripp i straight up f3ll for yooh ...
th4 worst thyng a guy kan do is make a gurl fawl for him w//no intention of catching hur ..
...and he treats hur like shes ~nuthin~ wen she deserves tew b3e treated like shes ~evurythiing~
..and wen ur world comes craShing down ...
h3e wont b3e there to help u pick up tha pieces b3e cuz he'll b3e tha wun who made it fawl.
BeIn In LoVe…

I love this man so much
I miss his kiss
And his touch
But someone just took him away
Even tho he wasn’t mine
I wanted him to stay
Hearing his voice made me so happy
Every time I talked to him on the phone
I couldn’t stop laughing
I miss him calling me everynight
Now he doesn’t call
I hold to my pillow tight
Trippin over this one guy
I’d jus lay back and cry
Because I thought I had him
I thought he was finally mine
Then I realized he’s been playin me this whole time
He never “loved me” like he said he did
Every body told me too
But all u did was kid
U want everything u see
And u want it more than anything
Then when u finally have it
U leave it behind nd forget about everything
But I guess its all good
Cuz at least we’re still friends
But I want to be more than that
I want us to be together till the end
I wrote down everything i felt inside
So now im gonna lock my door
And sit down and hide
Hide, all the feelings I ever had for you
Put on a smile
But only for a while
Until I come home I can switch it upside down
Lay back in bed
Nd then here comes the frown
And then I start cryin again
Lik I do every day
My friends try to tell me
That everythings gonna be okay
But they don’t understand
Its not gonna be okay
Until u love me the same way
Maybe sumday u’ll jus think about it and see
That love of your life is me!!
every little thing u left behind...makes me remember every little thing i loved/love about u...</3
You Are Slow...I Am Fast...Get In My Way...I'll Run Over Your A**
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