Quotes added on Thursday, June 16 2005

she covers her arm to hide the scar
she remembers someone saying
"no one cares who you are"
she bought a ticket and came to the dance
she gave socializing one more chance
she sat in the back, from everyone she fled
she cut up her arm and cried as she bled
people kept away as she bled on the floor
tears ran down her face as she cut some more
"what is she doing? how long has she cried?"
they asked as they watched this innocent suicide
So bring on the hurt
i deserve this pain.
let me drown in
my sorrow and
die in my shame <|3
I could try to smile
But I would be lying to myself.
he tOLd me `` f O r E v E r ' ' . . . weLl -» silly me
i thought that forever was a lot longer than this..
how come i can remember every single hurtful word you said to me, but i cant remember the answers to a fvck!ng test.
i don wanna be your friend but when i wanna tell yoo i relize that i need yoo we been through everything togetha so many memz laughin n cryin fightin n lie'in i love yoo like a sis sorry yoo have to find out like this...
-xox x33 yoor bffe...?-
We laughed, we cried
And all the while we felt so alive
It was you and me
You grabbed my hand and made me see
What it could feel like
And what it might be like
You wrote my name in the sand
In this endless summer
We will be together
And i dont want this feeling to ever end
Looking back in november
Feel the sun and remember
That when our time has finally come to pass
Somethings last
Somethings always last
Save goodbye
Keep it frozen in december
I need the high
To get me through the ever after
Cause now that it feels like
Its far from what it was like
When you wrote our names in the sand
In this endless summer
~!~!~!~!~I'm about to lose control~!~!~!~!~

I, I don't know why?
Why? you need some reason to feel lost inside
You, you know that I'm alright
You know that I'm just the kind of girl that feels so hurt and smiles!! :-)

I don't use excuses
Don't ask why
It's just a b
It happens all the time
So get out of my face
Don't even try
Ya wanna help me, just let me cry

Yeah I l0v3d you all my life
You don't even know a thing I feel inside
Know, by the look in my eye
That I'm just fine but I might need you to hold me tight!
Party Hard Rock And Roll,
We're The Class You Can't Control,
Guys And Gals All From Heaven,
We're the class of 2011.
When a guy tells you that you're hot...
he's looking at your body.
When a guy tells you that you're pretty...
he's looking at your face.
When a guy tells you that you're beautiful...
he's looking at your heart.

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