Quotes added on Thursday, June 16 2005

Your the ONLY one who can repair my broken heart.....</3
this guilt trip that yoOu put me oOn
woOnt mess me up, i`ve doOne noO
wroOng any thoOughts oOf yoOu and me
have goOne away. . .
when i try to think
of something else..
(you)just come shooting
back into my mind <3
They say it takes 7 compliments to make up what and who made you cry.
But its only the one who made you cry make your tears stop and forget about it.
My love for you is strong, will be strong, and will be a ever lasting love for you.And not a damn thinig can change that.
you can`t always get what you want..
but if you -try sometime- you just might
find you ( ( get . what . you . need ) )
i`m that * star up in the sky.. i`m
that mountain peak up high.. ^
hey, i made it.. HmMm.. i'm the
(|[ w o r l d ' s g r e a t e s t ]|)
'nd i`m that / little / bit / of / hope
when my || backs || against || the
ropes.. i can -feel- it.. i'm the
(|[ w o r l d ' s g r e a t e s t ]|)
If gossip were weed.everyone would be high 24/7
It's okay for a girl to dream right?
Dont waste your life being bored. GO OUT AND LIVE YOUR LIFE!
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