Quotes added on Friday, June 17 2005

if i dont make your heart skip a beat then hate me.. if i dont make you feel anything.. then its me </3
ill be your
best kept secret
and your
biggest mistake..<3
spooning leads to forking..
iM lOoKiN iN tHe mIrRor
At tHiS gUrL dOwN nD oUt
sHes iNtErnAllY dYiN'
i kNoW tHiS wAs nOt wHaT lOveS bOut

i dOnT wAnNa bE tHiS gUrL
tHe sEcOnD tImE aRoUnD
cAuSe iM wAkiN uPp sCrEaMin nOo lOnGeR bEliEvin
tHat iM gOnNa bE aRoUnD

Nd oVeR nD oVeR i tRiEd
yEt OvEr Nd OvEr yOo lIeD
oVeR nD oVeR I cRiEd yeA
I doNt knOw wHy
sEe mAh dAyS r cOlD wItHoUt yOo
bUt iM hUrTin wHiLe Im wIt yoO
nD tHoUgH mAh hEaRt cAnT tAkE nO mOrE
i cAnT kEeP rUnNiN bAc tOo yOo
gLaD tOo wAkE uPp eVeRy dAy wItHoUt yoO oN mAh bRaIn
nOo mOre wAiTiN laTe uPp At nIgHt
noO mOrE hAvIn' tOo fUsS aNd fIgHt
iM pRoUd tOo sAy tHaT i WiLl nEvEr mAkE tHe sAmE mIsTaKe
nOo MoRe ThInKiN aBoUt WhAt yoO dO
tHeRe*S nOo mOrE oF mEe rUnNiN bAc tOo yOo
If Jimmy cracked corn and no one cared, why did we make a song about him?
dont settle for the 1 u can live with..settle for the one u cant live without
rip my jeans . . not my heart
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