Quotes added on Friday, June 17 2005

Obstacles are put in our way to see if what
we want is really worth FiGHTiNG FOR
i swear i would rip my heart out. . . if you sed u'd b impressed
ur a terrible singer. . . but i luv this song
iF sOMeOnE TaKeS tiMe tO [ARGUE] witH yOU...
...tHEy ObViOUSlY [CARE] a liL mOrE tHAn yOU thiNk!
..and she has bites marks on hur tounge from awl tha thyngs she never sed`..*
i hate wen ppl ask me if im okaii b3e uc zit onli reminds me that im not.
the [[ worst ]] thing about
bein lied to is knowing that
ur not [[ worth ]] the
[[ t r u t h ]]
wenever you feEl lonely
juss loOk at the spaces betweEn
ur fingers and remember thats where
mine will always fit
[[ xO perfectly Ox ]]
u promised to always be there the same day u left
~i'm lost as can be then you look at me and i'm not lost anymore~**
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