Quotes added on Monday, June 20 2005

You may only live once
but with friends like _*
these once is e n o u g h
you brighten up the moon and stars at
night you keep me seeing rainbows in
the sky you bring new meaning to my
life now ii believe in miracles baby im
f o r e v e r . y o u r s
waiting for you is like waiting for rain*
in this drought useless and disappointing
- A Cinderella Story <3
Let Me Cater To You Cause Baby This Is Y.o.ur Day*
Do Anything For My Man Baby You Blow Me A w a y_*
I Got Your Slippers, Your Dinner Your Dessert And&
So Much More Anything You Want Just Let Me Cater*
To You Inspire Me From The H .ea.rt.Can't Nothing&
Tear Us Apart You're All That I Want In A Man I<3*
Put my Life In Your Hands I Got Your Slippers,Your
Dinner Your Dessert, And So Much More Anything You
W a nt I W a n t T o C a t e r T o Y o u
* i think i like how your body feels next to me aw
baby when you kissing me, aw baby when you loving
me i Cant describe what i wanna do to you toniGht
Aw BaBy when you cOme to me i'll make it so yOu'lL
n.ever leave..can you rock wit me aw baby non-stop
wit me canya take it to thetop with me i justwanna
love you baby .always thinkin of you babe, Can yOu
RolL wit me:All over me Can you take control of me
i justwanna love ya babe always thinkin of ya baby
*_I don't know whats Tighter
Our Jeans or our friendship_*
and in the end * your always there...
"Giving up doesn't mean that your weak * It . .
just means that your .strong. enough to let go"
*we r 2 peas in a pod*
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