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I'm Sick Of This Life . I Just Wanna Scream . How Could This Happen To Me ? - Simple Plan . Untitled
A Girl Whispered In Her Boyfriends Ear . .
Girl - Tell me a lie
Boy - I Love You
. . i wanna love you forever <3
bAbii iFf yU aSkEd mEe hOw mAnY tImEs yOu`vE cRoSsEd My MiNd i wUlD sAy OnCe bkUz yU [[ n E v E r ]] lEfT « --
but no matter what happensz
one thinq will remain truee x3
as lonq as i`m livinq i will ___
[ always x love x you ]
Do you ever feel like you just wanna break down & Cry cause you dont know what to do .. and who you thought was forever .. could be never?
FoUR eVeRy LidDeL TeAr We CrIeD..<3
FoUr AlL tHa CrAzY tHiNgS wE tRiEd..x3
fOuR sTaYiNg TrU tHrO OdDs n EnDs ..<3
nO OnE cAn RePlAcE mY bEsT fRiEnDs..x3
when you say jump, i say how high
when you say run. i say how fast?
when you say stand, i say how tall?

ii love you __________ ( persons name )
your friendship is only as stronq as the liquor you drink and the tables you dance on ! <3
[..put your hand in mine..]
and i'll show you the world
[..qetting l o s t in time..]
forever as your --» qirl «--
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