Quotes added on Friday, June 24 2005

advice iiS wHat wE l0ok f0r when
we Alreadii kn0w the aNswer and
. w i s h * we -d i d n ` t
multiply by infinity , take it to the depths
0f F0REVER and you`ll still [ only] have
a glimpse of h0w much i l0ve y0u *
-&&- whoever said falling in love
'was the best feeling you could
ever imagine `* never had their
heart shattered into a thousand
//' little peices..
And its hard to say how i feel today
A year has gone by.. and i cried <l3
"Don't you know...all that matters is the ending"
-Johnny Depp*

      \ /
       V    go down and left to get to my heart.

never underestinmate the power of a girl with a bat, and an attitude
remember when getting high meant swinging at the playground. the worst thing you could get from boys was cooties. dad was your hero, your worst enemies were your siblings. race issues were who ran the fastest. war was a card game. the only drug you knew of was couqh medicine & The only thinq you smoked was the tires on your bike. the only thinq that hurt was skinned knees & the only thinqs that can get broken were your toys. life was simple and care free, but what i remember the most was wanting to grow up.
ever since the day i laid my eyes on you
my life changed forever
until one day i decided to leave you
now i love you more than ever
i cant believe i left you
i cant believe i was so blind
im so lost without your love
your the one i have to find
i finally realize
how much i miss you
but you found another girl
who fell in love with you too
i cant tell you how i feel
it'll jus screw things up
i was the one that made the mistake
so i goota deal with a heart with a lump
im hurtin so bad
i jus want you back
i miss all the kisses
and all the mack

</3 i love you </3
I'm w m m mpu igh nw
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