Quotes added on Tuesday, June 28 2005

&& that one night
when we looked
up at the stars.
i didn't have a doubt in my mind
you were gonna be my only one.
i helped b.r.e.a.k my own heart cuz --i let him go--<|3
i walk into the room
look at those guys
wherever i go,
so does there eyes.
flipping my hair
flappin my eyes.
damn those girls got
a big surprise. <33
&& the truth is
ii` need you...<\3
         _______     ______
        /   o  /|   /   o /|
       /_o___ / |  /_o___/ |
       | o  o |o| | o  o |o|
       |      | | |      | |
       |_o__o_|/  |_o__o_|/ 
X And A O
Im OuT...
we used to be best friends..
we did everything together..
now all u do is hang out with her
not me..always her..why is that
is there something wrong with me
oh yeah i know why
she hates me..soo YOU hate me..
is that it? now u make me even more sad
i love you..best friend?
wHaT dOeSnT kIlL yA cAn oNlY mAkE yOu StRoNgEr
What do you do when your best friend isn't who they say they are?
What do you do when the one you adore, doesn't feel the same?
What do you do when the guy you know is right for you, is with the girl that is totally wrong for him?
What do you do when you love someone more than life itself but you know you have to let go?
What do you so when your boyfriend starts to see how mizerable you are with him?
What do you do when you screwed up and you can't fix it this time?
What do you do when you feel as if the world is crashing down on you?
Gee, I wish I knew....

*Happened to me before*
[B][e][S][t] [F][r][I][e][N][d]
is 10 letters but then again so is
*L y i n g B ! t c h*
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