Quotes added on Friday, July 1 2005

~~ive said all that i can say to you~~
~~to make you feel the way i do~~
~~geez you must be real real smart~~
~~cuz honey, you stole my heart~~
~~and when i look into your eyes~~
~~part of me just wants to lay down and cry~~
~~i will love you for ever and for always~~
~~you will be the one i think about on all of my bad days~~
Its the way I miss you even before you leave
When I know I can listen to you talk all night
and [ never ] get tired of hearing your voice
its the way *everytime* someone says your
name I smile & the way everytime i close my
eyes - I think of just how much-->> I love you x3
¯`-»Hopfully Sum Day yOu'll Come Bakk But fOr nOw
i`ll Be Sittin Here Waitin fOr yOu '
(_-» Maybe sOme day yOu see yOu Made a BIG Mistake Leavin
me fOr HER !!
Im sO siick Of iit
Im sO siick Of The
yOu and HER! The i
lOve Her!&&i Always
Wanna Be Wit yOu,,:
Well What abOut Me
Didnt We Have sOmthin?!
sOmtimes i Just Wanna
gO Bakk tO the Beginning
&& Start Everthing ALL
Over Again sO that When
i Wake up ill Be Bakk
im yOur arms Again !*
·ºIf Onli Things in Life Werent sO hardº·
ºi`d be bakk with yOu Again__ _ *º
everone is always saing move on
come on its been so long forget
about him ... but what the dont
realize is that if i move on thn
im forgetting my whole life <|3
the tan lines will * fade * but the
[ M E M 0 R ii E S Z ] will neverr`
Just tell Nemo you couldn't find him because you were to busy getting stoned. Don't worry he'll understand.

<---my anit-drug
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