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7 letters
3 words
1 meaning

i LoVe yOu
hOw Do yOOh LiVe
kNoWiNg ThE OnLy
`OnE wHo CaN pUt
yOuR HeArT bAcK`
tOgEtHeR i S tHe
OnE wHo BrOkE iT


i W1LL 8e |3@k|{ L4+E|2...

LE@Ve |\/|3 $OME LOVEN$!!!
You are so

(hot)<-- that you would make the
Iice melt.
         (\ __/)          
   ¨ - .¸(")_(")¸. -  ¨   
     You are my angel     
*`Find a r m s that will hold you at your weakest
E y e s that will see you at your ugliest
`&* a heart that will love you at your worst
Then you have found true love
LOVE is friendship set on fire*
((:.You know you're in love when:
You miss him even before he's gone.:))
((:.He makes you laugh even when you don't wanna smile
He is always on your mind, `&* he is all you dream about.:))
((:.Even the slightest kiss sends shivers down your spine
His smile is all you see the second you close your eyes.:))
i will always be by your side
Through thick and thin
Except for that day when you
Deciede to j u m p off a bridge
On that day I will be at the bottom
Ready to catch you
[;;Love is like a i r
You can't see it;;]
[;;But you can feel it.
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